One day a farmerís donkey fell into an old and unused dry well.


He tried hard to come out but failed.  He lay there all day.


In the evening, when the donkey did not come back, the farmer set forth to search for him.  Eventually he found him at the bottom of the well.


The farmer called for help and the villager came.  They also tried to get the donkey out but did not succeed.


It started to get dark.  At last they thought that the donkey was in any case old and there was no way to get it out.  So, they decided to bury it in the well.


They started to throw earth on it.  The donkey realized what was happening.  He brayed and cried and jumped up and down in the well.  The villagers heaped more and more earth.


Then a strange thing happened.  The donkey stopped crying and jumping.  He let the villagers throw more and more earth and mud and dirt on him. 


Only now and then he shrugged and threw all the earth heaped on him and stood on it.  In the dark the villagers did not see what was happening and how much the well had filled in.  They stopped when they thought that the well was quite full and they had given the donkey a decent burial.


When the villagers left, the donkey who had come up with the earth which the villagers had heaped upon him to bury him, jumped out of the well and quietly slipped into the nearby forest to live happily thereafter.


Well, the world heaps upon us all kinds of dirt.  The trick is to just shrug it off and make it stepping stone to get out of the dumps.  Never be discouraged.  There is a way out of every difficulty.





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