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In a recent on-line research report in the journal Thorax, Dr. Rosalind Wright of Harvard School of Public Health, has asserted that hostility is associated with poorer pulmonary function and more rapid rates of decline among older men.  That means that although lungpower normally declines as a person gets older, being angry and hostile can speed up the process.


This should, however, not detract us from other serious problems associated with anger.


First of all, anger does not solve any problem.  It worsens and compounds it.  An angry person repents later.


Most of the crimes are committed in a fit of anger.  Most of the domestic violence and crimes are the products of anger.  Quite often we read in the newspapers that good friends, colleagues, and total strangers have killed got angry while joking or discussing something and they have quarreled and in anger one has killed the other!


Anger takes away our peace of mind and happiness.


Anger also affects nearly all of the physiological activities of the body like digestion and can lead to high blood pressure and heart attack.


So, control your anger.