Recently, there were two items in the newspapers which attracted my attention and made me to write comments on them.


In the first incident, a 44 year old man twice stabbed with kitchen knife and then throttled by the electrical flex of their alarm clock his live in girlfriend.


The reason for the murder?


Because the woman unwittingly cried out another man’s name during the sex.


A most unfortunate mistake indeed.


She told her boyfriend that the name was that of the boyfriend of her daughter.


Of course, the man came to the logical, perhaps correct, conclusion that she must have been thinking of other man during the sex. This would, of course, infuriate any man.


Why was she thinking of another man just then. Was she fantasizing about another man?


Whatever the reality, it highlights the fact, which we are concerned here, that mind has enormous power of transcending the reality. It makes its own reality.


It can be used both for positive results and for negative results.


It is in our hands (rather mind) how we utilize this tremendous power.


Another news item also concerns our mind.


A mother of three got addicted to online game to such an extent that she neglected to feed her children and dogs properly. Her defense was that she sought solace in the virtual world after her husband died a few years ago.

A few months back, a South Korean couple got so much addicted to raising a virtual daughter that they let their real baby starve to death. They spent nearly full day at internet cafes.

It again proves that mind has tremendous power to make unreal real.

Perhaps, at a saner level also, we are making unreal things as real in our life.

Perhaps our fears, anxieties, hate, even love, ego, etc. are just as much addictions.

Introspection is called forth.

The philosophical implications of this are far reaching.

In fact, it may be true that this whole visible world is, in reality, unreal, and the only reality is Brahman, as the Vedant teaches us.

We will discuss that some other day!

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