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In a recent report published in the journal Aging Cell researchers led by Tim Spector at St. Thomas’ hospital in London, assert that genetic tests imply that being working class could add the equivalent of seven years to a person’s age, whilst marrying ‘below’ herself added years to a woman’s biological age.  In other words, the lower our social standing, the faster we age.


The researchers already ruled out differences in income, smoking, body weight and exercise, and concluded that the stress of being at the bottom of the social pile increases cellular damage which speeds up ageing.


However, social status does have other problems with it which may also contribute to ageing, independently of the above factor.


A person at the lower level of social status may not eat as nutritious food, may not be as happy, may not afford as good medical care, etc. as a person of higher social status.


So, the conclusion is: strive hard to succeed as it may also give you health and longevity and happiness.


Only care you should take is that in the striving hard for success, you should not sacrifice your happiness and health which is the ultimate goal of success.



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