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Every day you open newspaper and it is full of unnatural deaths—due to wars and crimes and diseases.  And, of course, suicides.


Do you know what is the greatest cause of human death apart from the normal death?


Wars?  No.


Caner?  No.


Heart disease?  No.


So what?  One killing oneself.  Suicide.


More people kill themselves each year than die from wars and murders.


Some 20 million to 60 million try to commit suicide every year.  Fortunately, only about a million of them succeed.


We will not go into the causes of suicide, as we believe that all of them are not valid.  There cannot be any valid reason for suicide.


What to do when one thinks of committing suicide?


  1. Immediately, stop the thinking of suicide or any negative thought.  Get busy with some routine, if possible, pleasurable activity.  Thinking reinforces thought.  Thoughts work as reaffirmations and resolutions and convert thoughts into decision.  So, never think the thought of suicide.
  2. Think of the beauties of life.  Nature, family, relatives, friends, food and drinks, etc.  Do you lack them?  If not, your life is already beautiful.
  3. Join indirect support groups, like a football team, a Club, a dancing class, etc.
  4. Join direct support group for people of suicidal tendency.
  5. Seek professional help.
  6. Seek support of family and friends.
  7. Note, your problem in the larger perspective or time frame is not too big or eternal.  Don’t make mountains out of mole hills.
  8. If possible, solve the problem.
  9. If possible, get ready for the problem or its consequences.  For example, if you fear being losing a job, try to find another.
  10. Always be aware that there are millions of persons living in dire circumstances all over the world.  Still they are smiling and laughing.  You too, smile and life. 


Life is too beautiful to be wasted.


What to do if you detect suicidal tendency in another or somebody talks of committing suicide.

  1. Become a friend of such person.  Perhaps he is friendless.  But be careful, don’t get influenced by his or her negative thinking and develop suicidal tendencies yourself!
  2. Give pep talk.  Motivate.
  3. Advice of all the above (10) points to him or her.
  4. Inform family or friend, after getting consent from the person concerned.
  5. Help, if you can, in removing the cause of despair.