One of the great ways to be happy, healthy, and successful is to smile and laugh.  One of the best means of smiling and laughing is through jokes and cartoon strips.  Newspapers and TV news channels are usually full of depressing news—suicides, deaths, murders, wars, and famines, etc.  Because only such things make news.  But, thankfully, most of them also carry jokes and cartoon strips.  Some of the TV channels also carry comedy serials and cartoons.  These are not for children only.  Reading jokes and cartoons give us smiles and laughs which can make our day.  Some of the jokes need some exercising of gray material to understand and appreciate them.


Smiles and laughs apart, jokes can be great moral lessons for us.  We have tried to bring out such morals, as they relate to happiness, health, and success, in Weekly JokeMoral.  These will provide you smiles and laughs, but also deep insight into happiness, health, and success.  We hope you would like them.


We said above that newspapers are full of depressing news.  Newsmorals analyses such news items and gives us insights into these happenings.  We come to know why they happen or done and what lessons we can derive out of them not to lose our happiness, health, and success.


Some news is, of course, inspiring and uplifting.  Such news will also be included in the Weekly NewsMoral.  Similarly, news about advances in science and technology will also be included.


We hope, you would like these and appreciate our initiative and originality.