At first sight this seems paradoxical.  How can one follow divergent paths leading to all possible directions of the compass and reach a single focused destination?


Everybody knows that for success, one should have a single and focused aim and one should put all his or her energy to obtain this goal without dissipating one’s energy in irrelevant tasks.


One also knows that for success one should have a burning desire for a single aim and an obsessive-compulsive madness to achieve it.


All this is very well and true.


What the mantra says is that for success whether it is to achieve happiness or health or some other objective, one should utilize all the possible means.


For example, though it is true that one could be happy one could be happy in whatever condition one is, in practical terms one has to have all the ingredients of happiness—healthy body and mind, loving family and friends, nature, some success, and love of arts and literature, etc.  For good health, only balanced diet is not enough, one should be happy, do moderate amount of exercise, avoid smoking and drinking, and live in a healthy environment, etc.  Similarly, for success, only burning desire and a focused aim is not enough.  One should work hard, have a good network of helpers and well-wishers, and in-depth knowledge of the subject, etc.


It is like attacking an enemy army—attack it from all possible directions and attack it from land, water, and air.  And don’t leave any of your flanks vulnerable.


Another aspect of the same thing is it is not enough, though it is still a great thing, to have success in a particular aim.  For life to be complete and ‘beautiful’ one has to have many things balanced.  One should be happy, healthy, kind, loving, helpful, etc. besides being successful.  Success at the cost of all other things in life is the greatest failure.  Of course, for success many things in life have to be sacrificed.  But many things in life are above success.  For them success could be sacrificed, not they for success.

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