This gentleman was happily riding the taxi when he wanted to ask the driver something.  He lightly tapped the shoulder of the driver to attract his attention.  But the reaction of this simple action was catastrophic.   The driver panicked, lost his balance, and a major accident happened.


Both the driver and the passenger died.


When they met in the afterworld, the passenger asked the driver, “I just wanted to ask you a simple question.  Why you reacted so violently to my touch.  Now both of us are dead.!”


The driver replied, “Sorry, it is not at all your fault.  That was my first day as a taxi driver.  Before that for thirty years I was a driver in a hospital and used to drive bodies for post mortem and back.”


Well, most of us also are conditioned by our past like the taxi driver in the above story.  The result is many times fatal, sometimes disastrous.


We are conditioned by the comments of our parents and siblings and teachers and classmates that we are good for nothings.


We are conditioned by our past failures.


We are conditioned by the trauma of our past: may be we were abused as a child, may be a close friend deceived us, and may be we lost in love.


But past is past and nothing can be done about it.  See within you and examine whether your reactions to the present are still conditioned by your past.  If yes, try to free yourself from the shackles of the negative past.


Don’t keep the dead, the ghosts of the past in your back seat all your life! 





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