Weekly JokeMoral




At 2AM early in the morning a desk clerk at a hotel gets a call from a man who seems to be a bit drunk, “What time the bar opens….”


Without bothering to let him finish, the clerk curtly replies, “At noon, Sir.”


About one hour later the same clerk receives another call from the same person who seems even more drunk, “At what time the bar opens….”


“Same time as before.  At noon.”


After one hour or so the same person calls again, “At what time the bar opens?”


Fortunately this time a sympathetic desk clerk picks the phone.  He replies, “At noon, Sir.  But if you require room service I could send your order up, Sir.”


Prompt comes the reply, “NO…!  I don’t wanna git in….  I wanna git OUT!”


Well, most of the times we are like the first desk clerk who refuses to listen fully.  Sometimes we are like the drunk who is unable to explain quickly.


We don’t want to listen to our spouse, children, and friend and boss.  We think that we have understood what he or she wants to say, and, therefore, our replies are inadequate.


Most of the times we want to speak, instead of listening.


But listening carefully is not only good for understanding, it is the best quality an employee could have.


If we listen carefully to our family, friends, and general public much of the misunderstanding could be removed.


So, speak less, listen more.



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