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Once a man was driving home. On a lonely stretch of road he
was stopped by a robber with a gun. The robber told the guy
to come out of the car and stand away from it. He drew a
circle on the road around the man and told him not to cross

The he started transferring the goods from the man's car to
his own. When the robber took some items to his car, the man
started laughing. The robber told him to shut up.

Next time when the robber took some more things to his car
the man started laughing again. The robber asked him why
he was laughing, but the man kept quite.

The third and last time when the robber took the rest of the
things to his car the man again started laughing. The
robber again asked why the man was laughing but he kept

Before driving away with the loot the robber told the man
to tell him why he laughed. The man laughed again and told
that each time the robber took things from his car and his
back was towards the man, he stepped out of the circle!

Well, stupid people do stupid things. They do not mind their
own loss just to prove themselves more cleaver, stronger, or
better than the other guy.

But, do only stupid people do this? What about 'cleaver'
personS. Don't they do it? Don't they do it more? Don't we
too do it?

We laugh with our friends and cricize our absent friend
never realising that criticising our absent friend does
lower us in the eyes of our present friend. Sometimes we
cut cleaver but offending jokes, we pass comments based on
sex, colour, race, and nationality.

The wisest investment of money is in happiness, health and success.