A teacher was droning away in the classroom when he observed that a student was fast asleep.


The teacher asked the student sitting next to the sleeping student to wake him up.


The student replied, “You have put him to sleep.  Now you yourself wake him up!”


In life when we find somebody unfriendly, uncooperative, and impolite towards us we never realize that perhaps that may be of our own fault!


Friendship begets friendship; cooperation produces cooperation; and politeness generates politeness.


In life when we find ourselves in difficult or embarrassing situations we never realize that perhaps they may be of our own making!


We blame others and expect others to manage the situation.


We blame the divorce on our spouse, in-laws or friends.  Never realizing that perhaps it was entirely of our own making.


We blame our failures on others and circumstances.  We don’t own the responsibility for them.


If something goes wrong, we must first see inside us whether we ourselves are responsible for it.


And then we should see how it could be rectified.


In fact, we create our own universe.  We not only are responsible for how other people behave with us and the situations around us, we also create the physical universe around us and our present and past in it.


We are the God of our own Universe!  We create and destroy it by our Will!