Weekly JokeMoral New Page 4




Once there was this unemployed youth who was desperately searching for a job, any job.


Ultimately, he went to a zoo for a job.  The curator of the zoo told him that they did not have any job.  But their gorilla had died, if the man likes he could take the place of the gorilla.  He will just have to wear the skin of gorilla and act like a gorilla.


In desperation the man accepted the job.


He immediately became a great hit with children.  He also started liking his job.  Acting like a gorilla, jumping around, climbing the bars of the enclosure and the tree at the back of it, and eating bananas, he became just like a gorilla.


Unfortunately, one day in his enthusiasm he fell from the tree into the neighboring enclosure.  This was the cage of the lion.  The lion roared with all his might and came towards the gorilla.  The man got terrified.


He started shouting, “Save me.  Save me.  I am not a gorilla.”


The lion came near him and whispered, “You fool, don’t shout.  We will lose our jobs.  I am also not a lion.  I also work here like you.”


Well, the moral of this is we all are the same.


Despite outwardly differences of color, creed, race, language, and social standing, we all are really the same.


On the level of happiness, we should not be fooled by the outward appearances.  We consider rich and famous happy.  But they may be as or more unhappy than us.  We should not become unhappy being jealous of them.


But the main point I wanted to make is this.  The lion may not be a lion.  It may be just a man or woman like us.  We are often intimidated by the competition out there.  However, we don’t have to compete with the entire world together.  Out competition is just with the last man or woman who gets selected.  If we get even one mark more that him or her we will be in!  If we want to win a competition or want to come first, out competition is just with the top person.  He or she is also a single individual, a human being not a lion, and with limitations.  We can beat him or her.


In fact, the ultimate competition is with ourselves only.  We have to win over our own limitations.


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