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Three men were lost in a forest.  For many days they tried to find their way out but did not succeed.  At last, one day they came across a river on the other side of which was a village.  They decided to swim across for help.


They were not sure whether they would be able to make to the other side.  So, they decided to try one by one.


The first man swam very fast but got tired even before he had crossed one fourth of the river.  Frustrated he swam back.


The next man could swim up to nearly one third of the river.  He also got tired and returned.


The third man swam well and could cross easily three fourth of the river.  He then got tired and returned back!


Well, we may laugh at the third man but most of us are like him.


After trying hard for our aim, we lose hope and stop when success is just around the corner.


In his book, “Think and Grow Rich” Napolean Hill gives a very interesting example of persistence.


One Mr. Barnes joined the gold rush with one of his uncles.  They found gold.  But before they could exploit it in any substantial amount the trail went cold.  They dug and dug but there was no more gold.  At the end they gave up and sold the machinery.  The person who bought the machinery wanted to explore himself.  He employed a geologist to find out why the trail of gold had gone cold.  The geologist made his calculations and came up with the astounding fact that there was gold just three feet away from where Barnes and his uncle had stopped.  They dug up and got gold worth millions of dollars!


Had Barnes and his uncle persisted just a little more!


But Barnes learnt his lesson well.  He later became an insurance agent and sold millions of dollars of insurance policies.  His secret?  Persistence.  He persisted despite a loud and clear no from prospective clients.  Ultimately they bought his policy!


It is said about Edison, that he experimented with hundreds of different materials before he succeeded in finding the right material for the filament of the electric bulb.  He believed that each failure brought him nearer to the success, as after each of it he knew that that material would not work.



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