Weekly JokeMoral




In the pitch-dark night, the Admiral of a battleship sees a bright light directly on a collision course with his ship.


He sends a signal, “Change your course, immediately.”


The reply comes, “You change your course immediately, Sir!”


Angered, he sends another message, “I am a navy Admiral.  You change your course.”


The reply comes, “I am a seaman, second class.  Change your course immediately, Sir!”


The Admiral replies, “I am a battleship.  I am not changing course. You change.  This is an order.”


The reply comes, “I cannot.  I am a lighthouse, Sir!”


Well, in life we are programmed to be like the Admiral.  We are programmed to be confrontationists.  Not cooperative.  The fight or flee instinct in us makes us take every situation as a challenge to our survival.


We are like the heroes of the Westerners who are ever trigger-happy.


Now, everybody is not a threat and challenge to us.  Even if he or she is, we could utilize the opportunity for mutual help and cooperation.


Our sibling, friend, class fellow and teammate are not for confrontation.  We can love and care for them and they can help us enormously.


Similarly, generally we have a certain amount of intolerance and dislike for other religions, cultures, and races.  But there is much to learn in them.  They give a new perspective to life.


The important thing is that we cannot fight each and everything which we perceive to threaten us.  We can, however, make them friends and benefit them.  In this way we will save lots of energy and stress too.


Just learn the art of cooperation in place of confrontation.  Don’t be like Don Quixote fighting windmills or like the captain of the ship mentioned above fighting the lighthouse. 



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