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Instant Desktop TLB

Want to keep up to date on the latest articles by, or know about the latest message board posts as they happen? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are simple XML files generated regularly by that contain the information in a standard format. These can be accessed by a range of applications, delivering the latest news directly to your desktop, or fetched by web applications for inclusion on other sites.

Accessing RSS Feeds

To use an RSS feed in a web application, simply fetch it using the appropriate URL. If you are looking for a desktop application for viewing RSS feeds, some free ones include RssReader (Windows) or Syndigator (GNU/Linux).

Dowload RssReader : Click Here
Download Syndigator: Click Here

Available Feeds

The following feeds are currently available from

Be Happy !

More feeds will be available shortly; please contact us if you have any ideas for new feeds or how we can improve the RSS support on this site.



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