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The Story of Happiness, Success, and Health

A man prayed to God for many years. God appeared before him and asked him to choose anything from the blessings of happiness, success, health, money, fame, beauty, etc. The man thought hard and deep and ultimately decided that he wanted to be successful in this world. He chose success. He became very successful whatever field he chose to work. He was obsessed with success. He neglected his family and friends. His family and social life became miserable and unhappy. His health declined. On the point of dying, he remembered God again and prayed to Him.

This time he chose health. He was healthy and fit and enjoyed all the good things of life. But he was unsuccessful in anything he put his hands to. His family and friends became estranged with him. Failure made him bitter and unhappy. At the point of committing suicide, he remembered God again and prayed to Him.

This time he chose happiness. Immediately, not only happiness but success, health, money, fame, etc. came to him. God said to him, “Happiness comes with success, health, money, fame, etc. Be Happy! Be Successful! Be Healthy!


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